Now guest-starring in Spooky Starlets, it’s…

From , an upcoming original comic imprint from the creators behind Tracyverse Comics and Lety Does Stuff!

Hi! I’m Lety!

This is my friend Tracy.

They’re who I make fanporn (that’s fanfic-porn) comics with, they kinda started the whole thing. Tracyverse Comics, maybe you’ve heard of it? Just think of a famous comic company, specifically the one that doesn’t do Batman. Alright, now look up image results for that company’s name + “porn parody comic.” Tada, you found us!

That’s my buddy, Newman.

And here’s my pal, McLamiak.

“The [lamiak are] siren- or nereid-like [creatures] in Basque mythology. Lamiak […] are typically portrayed as living in and around rivers. […] They are also characterized as having duck feet.” I don’t get the appeal of this name, but you do you, Duck Feet.

Together we made this chick.

I know what you’re thinking…

And yes, I totally wrote her to look like me. Cause if you think I’m spending thousands of dollars and collective months of peoples’ lives making a sexy superhero just to have her not look like me, so I can pretend that I’m humble or chill or not freaking out with excitement or some shit, then you don’t know me at all.

Check out Baguette Girl in Spooky Starlets!

And yeah! Just to recap…

Good on you for making it to the bottom of this page!