Hey everyone!

…is under construction. Obviously.

I’m moving websites! Looong story there, but some pages might not work as expected. I just need a bit to get everything over onto this server and working properly.

Of course, you can always catch up with me on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I also livestream on Plexstorm, co-publish smutty comics at Tracyverse Comics, and hang out at a virtual House Party!

If you want more cringy garbage, here’s my first YouTube channel full of even shittier videos and I have let’s plays for NSFW games over on my Pornhub.

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PIKA PIKA PIKA PIKA, I'M LIVE ON @PLEXSTORM! So let's pick up where we left off last night on Mystery Dungeon DX, now with more frames!


PIKA PIKA, SURPRISE STREAM, BITCHES! Come watch me cry while playing Mystery Dungeon DX on @Plexstorm!


Tldr: I got laid off—I’d love to join your Customer Success team!

Hey Twitter! Looking for my next shot at a Customer Success role in tech. Sadly, Friday was my last day with Patreon after almost 2 years of working with creators and a wonderful team of colleagues.

Yooo, I'm live with @DuskyHallows' SANGUINE ROSE on @Plexstorm! Come hang out and like. Kidnap military people? Sexy military people. With. Me. I think that's what I'm doing.


Greetings fellow mercenaries! I'm gonna be streaming @DuskyHallows' SANGUINE ROSE tomorrow on @Plexstorm at 2PM PST! If you're free then, come hang out and kidnap bitches with me!

The game's also out on @Steam from @TinyHat_Studios if you just can't wait. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1243420/Sanguine_Rose