Preview for July 2019 Bonus Photoset

Jul 19th 2019 | Lety
Updated Nov 2nd 2019
Sorted to Jul 1st, 2019

Poké Police Brutality 👮‍♀️🚨👮‍♀️

FUN FACT: When the Pokemon Detective Division of the Ryme City Police Department got shut down due to losing too many members to the Ryme City Reaper, it was replaced with their all-new Lingerie Cop Division! Featuring the hottest and hardest lingerie cops ready to take down crime, whatever it takes!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Our Officer Jenny costumes went missing in the mail, so we just bought police lingerie costumes and used those instead cause we were kinda super in a rush. I THINK EVERYTHING WORKED OUT OKAY.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should totally check out this other photoset by the way, but yeah! This month’s bonus photoset co-stars my very good friends Melissa Drew and Shodan! And they’re both super dope models too, meaning you should toootally go check out their Patreon pages cause that’s the only way you can get this set in HD with behind-the-scenes clips!

Just pledge to see the redemption code in either this post on Melissa’s Patreon or this post on Shodan’s Patreon and enter it on my patron-only Discord server to check it out!

This photoset is currently available in SD to Doers of Stuff and up on my Discord server. It is additionally available in HD to Doers of Stuff who pledge for the redemption code in this post on Melissa’s Patreon or this post on Shodan’s Patreon and enter it on my Discord server.