Preview for June 2019 Plus + Plus Photoset

Jul 18th, 2019 | Lety
Sorted to Jun 1st, 2019

Detective Psyduck and the Case of the Ryme City Reaper 🔪🦆🔫

So Detective Pikachu came out two months ago, meaning I’m kiiinda super late to finally making this set, but the end to my Ryme City Reaper trilogy is finally here!

And before I forget, THIS PHOTOSET CO-STARS MY VERY GOOD FRIENDS LUSCINIA MORIENSMELISSA DREW, AND SHODAN. There’s even a bonus tie-in photoset to this one co-starring Melissa Drew and Shodan that you should totally look into, and then Lucy co-starred in the June 2019 Plus Photoset for my Summer of Swimsuits, and like, maybe take a look at that too.

BUT BACK TO THE STORY, and for those of you that have been missing out, our story began when Detective Lety and Detective Pikachu investigated the case of the missing Arcanine in the park, only to discover to their dismay that the missing Pokemon was killed in a grisly murder!

Lety was so traumatized by her inability to revive Arcanine that she retired from the force, leading Detective Pikachu to investigate the case of the Ryme City Reaper on their own. Little did Pikachu know that as they were on the hunt for the Reaper, the Reaper herself was hot on Pikachu’s trail! After a fateful confrontation in the park, Detective Pikachu was no more…

A YEAR HAS NOW PASSED, and the entire Pokemon Detective Division of the Ryme City Police Department has been taken out by the Reaper, and only Detective Psyduck remains. Will Psyduck join their fallen comrades, or has the Ryme City Reaper finally met her match?

This photoset was originally available in HD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus + Plus and up of June 2019. It (and all previous Plus + Plus Photosets) are currently available in SD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus + Plus and up on my Discord server.