Thanks for Voting for Me!

I’ve officially been added to the game! Play with me by buying House Party from Patreon, Steam, or

Holy Fucking Shit!

Like I literally don’t know what to say! I’m in a fucking video game now, and it’s all thanks to you! As a show of my appreciation, here’s my latest photoset that I made just for the people who voted for me! It’s called “Spanish Study Party 🇲🇽🍺🎉,” and I really hope you like it!

I made this video talking about how stoked I am to be in House Party and thanking everyone again for voting for me, maybe check that out. It involves me and a whole lotta onions if that intrigues you any.

Oh, of course, here are the original two photoset rewards I included when you first voted for me, “Daring Rachael at the House Party 😮🏡📳” and “Vickie Vixen’s Halloween 🎃😘📱,” you can still access those obvs.

Just also want to give another shoutout now to my friend Shelby Eileen, who made my House Party outfit real so that I could do stuff with it IRL. You can check out Shelby’s Patreon, Instagram, and Twitter and whatnots.

And also my friend FreeGlass who made an awesome poster of me in House Party! You can find the .PSD of his original artwork in that “Spanish Study Party 🇲🇽🍺🎉” photoset I linked to earlier. Here’s FreeGlass’s Patreon, Instagram, and Twitter if you want to see his artworks and stuffs.

Aaand… yeah, that’s about it, I think. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH AGAIN! You’re the best.