Preview for April 2020 Bonus Photoset

Apr 5th, 2020 | Lety
Sorted to Apr 1st, 2020

Birthday Clowning Around 🥧🤡🎈

It’s my motherfucking birthday, bitches! Kinda, sorta. It was technically last month, but like, the universe just decided March 2020 was gonna suck total balls, and it’s a leap year so like… we’re just gonna leap a month and say that IT’S MY MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY MONTH!

In April! 2020! Fuck what my driver’s license says!

To celebrate the special occasion, I did a photoshoot, where I dressed up as a birthday clown! And yes, I am the birthday clown at my own party. Didn’t you hear, it’s like a new global fucking recession man, everyone’s gotta be pinching pennies.

Anyways, this photoset was made with my OnlyFans in mind, so you can get all 68 photos in 4K HD and behind-the-scenes clips by pledging in April! Alternatively, all the patrons on my Patreon this month can check out 45 photos of this set for just $1.

That’s basically it, hope everyone’s safe under quarantine, and remember, if anyone asks, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

This photoset was originally available in SD to all Doers of Stuff and up of April 2020. It is currently not available.