Preview for March 2020 Plus + Plus Photoset

Apr 2nd, 2020 | Lety
Sorted to Mar 1st, 2020

Spring Spa Salad 🛀♨️🥒

Alright, I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my original plan for this month’s photoset. It was just kinda a random extra photoshoot I shot for future use, but I had to cut my photoshoot trip short because…

Well, you see that window by the bath? That’s a farm. A big ole farm I rented out in the mountains. A literal farm, like a dozen acres of total openness reserved for just me, no person, and no cell signal for miles.

This is a long story, LONG STORY SHORT, it turns out I wasn’t alone on the farm! Like, for reals, it turns out some homeless person was camping out in the woods, and we came across him one day and, yeah.

I was just too unnerved to continue the shoot and just packed up and got the hell out of dodge. Maybe I’ll go back and finish my original shoot at some point, but for now, I hope y’all don’t mind a second bath photoset two months in a row.

Also, don’t take a knife into the bath unless you’re a trained professional, like me, obviously. Someone could get hurt.

This photoset was originally available in HD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus + Plus and up of March 2020. It (and all previous Plus + Plus Photosets) are currently available in SD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus and up on my Discord server.