Preview for March 2020 Plus Photoset

Apr 2nd, 2020 | Lety
Sorted to Mar 1st, 2020

#MasksAreSexy 💖😷💖

A wise Japanese man once said, “#MasksAreSexy.” And like, he had a point, I think. In Asian countries, wearing masks is a super common thing– if you see someone wearing a mask down the street, you wouldn’t even blink an eye. Versus here in America, I regularly get yelled at for wearing my mask.

Seriously, I get yelled at in grocery stores regularly for wearing my mask and “spreading panic” and “scaring people.” The most mask-positive thing I’ve heard in weeks is probably, “save masks for people who need them! Unless you’re sick, don’t wear masks, doctors need them more!”

I get the merit of that. We do have a global mask shortage, that’s why I’m wearing a 3M contractor’s mask from outside the medical supply chain. But as for everyone else yelling at me, like– no, I don’t think they have a point at all.

Any mask is better than no mask. Even if wearing a homemade cloth mask reduces the chances of you getting or spreading COVID-19 by 10%, last I checked, 10% > 0. And your protection compounds as more people wear it.

Say you go to the grocery store with 50 people, and your chance of getting COVID-19 is 1. (It’s not actually 1 in the sense of 100% for sure you’ll get sick, we’re just calling the chance 1.)

If you wear a mask that helps by 10%, it’s now .9, which is a reduction. If 10 people in the store wear masks, your chance of getting COVID is further reduced to just .35, about 1/3rd what it’d be if no one wore masks. And if eeeveryone in the store work some kind of masks, all 50 shoppers, well that 1 becomes .005, less than half a percent of the original risk.

In short, if you’re going to go out– wear a mask! A scarf, literally anything you got. I guarantee it’s better than just coughing and breathing into the unfiltered air. The more people that wear them, the less weird it’d be to wear them, and we’d all be safer overall.

As for me, I decorated my mask. It’s all pretty and girly with flowers on it now. Maybe now the dumb bitches at the plaza will stop staring at me like I’m Bane.

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