Preview for October 2019 Plus Plus Comic

Apr 6th, 2020 | Lety
Sorted to Oct 1st, 2019

House of XXX: Captain Kate #1

Ohmygosh Kitty Pryde’s probably the coolest fucking character in Dawn of X– SHE’S A FUCKING PIRATE NOW! WITH A BIG OLE PIRATE COAT AND A BIG OLE PIRATE SWORD AND A BIG OLE PIRATE BOAT!

Aaahhhhhhh, I just love and love her so much I even made her outfit, so I can dress up as her and like, ohmygod she’s just so an amazing, complex character, and the fact that they made her look so cool and bitchin and femme-fatale-y is just– of course I had to make porn of it, right?

Like you understand.

(Also for anyone wondering, I didn’t come up with this story or anything before Marvel did, the October date for this page is totally off cause I ended up behind on getting comics out, and this didn’t end up getting published until January.)

It is a glorious new dawn for all of Mutantkind, but not for Kitty Pryde. Having recently learned she is actually not a mutant, Katherine has reinvented herself as Captain Kate Pryde, the drunken pirate queen of the mutant seas. The next stop on this swashbuckler’s hunt for treasure? Spider-Man’s booty.

Written by Lety Does Stuff and Tracy Scops
Penciled and inked by Llamaboy
Colored by Thunk Studio


This comic was originally available to all Doers of Stuff, Plus Plus and up of October 2019. It (and all previous Plus Plus Comics) are currently available through Tracyverse Comics.