Preview for September 2019 Plus + Plus Photoset

Oct 10th, 2019 | Lety
Sorted to Sep 1st, 2019

Lincoln Logging Lumber Jane 🪓🌳🏠


They. Fucking. Suck.

You can check out me playing with my $80 “COLLECTOR’S EDITION VILLAGE” Lincoln Logs below but like, god damn. There’s a reason the world runs on Legos, cause fuck this is a boring fucking toy.

And this is the most expensive set they make! $80 goddamn dollars! There isn’t a more premium/fancier Lincoln Log experience; THIS IS PEAK LINCOLN LOG, and like…

It sucks.

But hey, I needed a prop for my lumberjane photoset to match my ax and sick beard, so what’s a girl to do.

This photoset was originally available in HD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus + Plus and up of September 2019. It (and all previous Plus + Plus Photosets) are currently available in SD to all Doers of Stuff, Plus and up on my Discord server.